Alfa Romeo GT 2004 Review

What Is the used Alfa Romeo GT coupe like?

Depending on precisely the exact same stage as the 156 saloon, the Alfa Romeo GT is a vehicle that enthusiastic drivers will adore driving challenging — but only as long as the street is super easy. In the event you experience bumps or lumps, then front wheels start to scrabble for traction.

The 1.9 JTD diesel engine suits the GT nicely, as does the 2.0 JTS gasoline. The great-sounding 3.2 V6 is fast, but has a lot of electricity to your GT’s chassis.

Used Alfa Romeo GT 2004 - 2011 review

Used Alfa Romeo GT 2004 – 2011 review

The fantastic feeling throughout the steering is among those GT’s finest resources, but in tight corners, it is all too easy for the powerful engines to spin front wheel, so bringing the grip control into drama.

There is just one trim level on the GT and it features loads of gear. The driving position is appropriate for many, though taller drivers might struggle to make themselves comfy. Space at the back is too cramped for adults on longer trips.

Ownership Price

Just how much does it cost to operate an Alfa Romeo GT coupe?

Alfa Romeo traders aren’t as costly for servicing as a lot of their opponents, but the service can be patchy. The best choice is to seek out a friendly trader and stick together, or find one of many independent Alfa pros that are fanatical about the business and its automobiles.

The JTD diesel engine readily yields over 40mpg in driving, therefore is easiest on the wallet. The 2.0 JTS can be decently frugal, however, the 3.2 V6 pays to get its functionality in the gas pumps, in addition to having significantly more costly regular maintenance expenses.

Another plus point for the petrol version is its reduced insurance price in comparison with the gas models.

All GTs wear their entrance tyres quite fast, which means that you may anticipate to possess to buy a brand new pair annually or about every 10,000 miles.

Tips for buyers

What if I Search for in a used Alfa Romeo GT coupe?

There are no reports of significant problems with the suspension or engines yet, however, front undertray is more likely to grounding because you drive over speed bumps, and it can be a heritage of this 156 platform. You have to appear under to make certain that there aren’t any nasty scratches out of a heavy strike.

The electrics may create some headaches, also, but they are normally minor discomforts.

The inside likely will not remain rattle-free for extended. Start looking for scuffs on the backs of the front seats if the back seats are used to take passengers. Any harm here can be costly to fix.

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Which used Alfa Romeo GT coupe if I purchase?

A petrol motor may seem at odds with the picture of a svelte coupe such as the Alfa Romeo GT, but the 1.9 JTD is your selection of the motors offered in this handsome vehicle. Together with 150bhp and 225lb ft of pull, the JTD version gives little off in functionality to the petrol-powered 2.0 JTS model.

As all GTs share exactly the identical trim level and gear, just about the only choice you need to make is exactly what engine to get. If you really don’t fancy the gas, the 2.0 JTS is a fantastic bet, since it thankfully zings off when asked to do, yet will not break the bank on market.

As you are soon going to see hefty gas bills should you apply the complete capacity of the 3.2 V6, some might think that is a small cost to cover the splendid sound it makes.

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