Alfa Romeo Mito 2019 Review – Alfa Style In A Supermini Package

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The Alfa Romeo Mike is among the most stylish little cars on sale.  Like most Alfas, It is instantly recognizable amid the sea of Volkswagen Polos, Audi A1s, and Ford Fiestas.  Unlike those competitions, the Mito does not provide the choice of five doors, but there are three different engines to choose between.

Individuals who prefer gasoline have three alternatives: a 105bhp, 0.9-litre TwinAir two-cylinder, or three versions of the same 1.4 — one generating 78bhp, another 140bhp and another, reserved for its sporty Quadrifoglio Verde, that develops 170bhp.  Diesel fans have two options: an 85bhp 1.3-liter, or a 120bhp 1.6.

Right Side Alfa Romeo Mito
Right Side Alfa Romeo Mito

Like most Alfa Romeos before it, the Mito has the power to tempt you with its great looks and tempting finance offers.  The TwinAir model is indeed a relatively affordable way into a company car.

The problem is, by any Mito and you will have to put up with a reasonably sub-standard car.  It is off the pace in pretty much every area.  An Audi A1 has a much nicer cabin, a Ford Fiesta is far better to drive, and a Mini is — ironically — more spacious.

The Kit does come with a generous list of security equipment, however, and its diesel engines offer a nice amount of getting up and go.  However, there are little cars that are cheaper to own and more elegant than this one, to get a similar initial outlay.

Back Side Alfa Romeo Mito
Back Side Alfa Romeo Mito


Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback functionality

Unless you are happy going nowhere in a hurry, the 0.9-liter petrol is best avoided.  It must be worked hard to create even half-decent progress, and since it is little torque, you are always changing down a gear (occasionally two) to overtake and to climb steep hills.

The 1.4-liter gasoline engine is a much better alternative.  It is more powerful and provides its power more evenly, so does not need to be worked as hard.  The higher-powered 1.4 is more powerful again but is earmarked for the range-topping Quadrifoglio Verde, so it is too expensive to urge.

Test Drive Alfa Romeo Mito
Test Drive Alfa Romeo Mito

It is the same story with all the diesel.  The smaller 1.3 is entirely sufficient for many journeys, so there is little point going for the livelier, but more expensive, 1.6.

The 140bhp and 170bhp 1.4 patrols are automatic only; all other versions have a manual gearbox.  While Alfa’s TCT twin-clutch car gearbox is fast and smooth once the vehicle is up and running on open roads, it tends to dither and search for gears at lower speeds around town.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback ride

If you appreciate ride comfort, you will find better little cars.  The Mito struggles to stay settled over broken streets, especially over large obstacles like speed bumps and potholes.  The ride is worse at low speeds and especially bad on the sportier models using their bigger wheels and stiffer suspension.

Interior Driver Alfa Romeo Mito
Interior Driver Alfa Romeo Mito

Pricier models include adjustable suspension, and although it does a much better job of maintaining the Mito’s body in check over undulating roads, things are not any more comfortable overall.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback tackling

The Kit has some fierce competition in this division — notably, the brilliant Ford Fiesta.  In contrast, the small Alfa feels far off the mark.  All Mitos suffer from vague steering which does not give you much confidence when navigating tight bends at speed, even if the car’s level of grip is reasonably good.  The Kit also excels badly in such circumstances, too.

At least its steering is light enough that city driving is never a chore.  In actuality, every version has a button on the dashboard that lightens the steering further to aid parking.

Ledt Side Alfa Romeo Mito
Left Side Alfa Romeo Mito

Every Kit includes a choice of three driving modes.  They change the steering, and throttle response and if your Mito has the capacity, the automatic gearbox’s changes, and suspension stiffness.  However, even the sportiest setting does little to disguise the Mito’s managing faults.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback refinement

The 1.4-liter gas engines are usually smooth and silent when driving normally, but become a little roomy from the cottage when pushed hard.  The two-cylinder 0.9-liter Twin air engine sends loads of vibration through the pedals.  The diesel is not any better, being especially intrusive at motorway speeds and clattery at startup.

All Mitos have problems with road and wind noise at higher speeds and clunks in the suspension at low rates.

Interior layout

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback driving position

Drivers will find fixing their backrest is simple due to the Mito’s rotary, as opposed to lever, adjuster.  The seat height adjustment is a lever system, however, but it is just as simple.  Lumbar adjustment and front armrest are standard on Distinctive versions.

Steering wheel adjustment could be better; some motorists may find it does not match their size and shape.  The seat is not particularly substantial, so that you may often feel the metal framework through the cloth.

Driver Seat Alfa Romeo Mito
Interior Driver Seat Alfa Romeo Mito

That is only one thing.  Cheaper versions without lumbar support will probably be uncomfortable on a long journey since they do not offer adequate lower back support.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback visibility

No real issues are seeing forward from the Mito because its columns are comparatively thin, and its window line is not high enough to get in the way at T-junctions and roundabouts.

It is another story when trying to see over the shoulder, however.  The Mito’s rear pillars are thick and so obstruct a lot of the view.  Its back windscreen is also quite small, which will not help.

Seat Alfa Romeo Mito
Seat Alfa Romeo Mito

Rear parking sensors are standard on the Distinctive version and upward.  Otherwise, they are a reasonably priced choice on lower-spec Progression and Junior models but worth having.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback infotainment

Every Kit includes a 5.0in touchscreen infotainment system.  It is responsive, but it is easy to hit the wrong button.  It is well presented, however, so moving through the various menus is no hassle.  An Audi A1’s system is easier to use but not, a Fiesta’s.

Back Side Alfa Romeo Mito
Back Side Seat Alfa Romeo Mito

Sites include Bluetooth as standard, in addition to USB and a-in relations, but Distinctive versions offer you the option of adding a DAB radio (it is relatively pricey, though) and a sat-nav is a cost option, also.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback build quality

Small cars do not need to miss out on the sort of quality experienced in automobiles from the course above, according to the Audi A1, that is the benchmark.  Alas, the Mito cannot compete with the Audi or even the Ford Fiesta.

The plastics within it are mismatched, and none of the sense of excellent quality, while the way they have been assembled doesn’t seem to be especially impressive, either.  There are just a few soft-touch locations but these things you come in contact with, like the switchgear, feel flimsy.

Space & practicality

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback front room

Two or three tall adults will not have any problems getting comfy in front of the Mito’s cottage: there is loads of head-, leg- and shoulder area.  In this regard, it is very similar to all of its most important rivals.  There is a handy space facing the gear lever that’s fantastic for your cell phone, even though it will not have room for more.  Each door includes a pocket, but you will struggle to match more than a small water bottle in each.

Preview Bagage Alfa Romeo Mito
Preview Bagage Alfa Romeo Mito

All Mitos are three-door versions, but access into the front seats is relatively simple because the doors open full and there is no need to stoop too much when getting in.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback backspace

The Audi A1 and the Mini offer some of the best rear space potentials in the small car class.  In contrast, the Mito is pretty cramped, and it comes with two rear seats as standard.

Access to the rear seats is not exceptional because the front seats do not leave much of a gap as soon as they are folded out of the way.  To make things worse, the Mito’s roof starts to incline, requiring those getting into the rear of the vehicle to bend down that little bit farther.

Speedometer Alfa Romeo Mito
Speedometer Alfa Romeo Mito

There are no pockets for men and women in the back seats to store anything, and the small armrest provided is not much great for adults because it is somewhat short.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback seating flexibility

The back seats cannot be slid forward and back, and their backs cannot be emptied, either.  Folding the seatbacks is possible, but just as one bit as standard.

The capacity to divide the seats 60/40 is a costly option, but in either case, the rear seatbacks do not lie completely flat.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback boot space

The Mito’s boot is more significant than a Mini’s, on a level with an Audi A1’s but smaller than a Ford Fiesta’s.  Though, it is genuinely less functional than the A1’s since it does not keep as square a contour has a narrow opening instead and has a large, awkward lip at its entry.

With the back seats folded down, it is tough to slip long items into the boot because there’s a measure in the ground from the boot into the rear seats.

Cost & verdict

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback running costs

Compared with its direct competitors, the Mito is more economical to purchase across the range.  However, unlike premium rivals like the Audi A1 or Mini, the Mito loses its worth much more quickly and so ends up costing a personal buyer much more in depreciation.

This means that purchasing a Milo on the fund can be expensive, as financing companies have to take into consideration what the car will be worth at the end of the agreement and charge accordingly.  There is some attractive deposit provides that could help you to get started more easily than with rival smallish cars.

Exterior Alfa Romeo Mito
Exterior Alfa Romeo Mito

Running costs should be less of a problem, provided that you purchase one of that diesel.  Both offer excellent fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

On paper, the 0.9-liter, two-cylinder petrol engine is the most effective of the gas engines.  Nevertheless, in real-world driving conditions, it is quickly overshadowed by the diesel.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback gear

Progression trim kicks off the range, but beyond that, there is Junior, Distinctive, QV Line and range-topping Quadrifoglio Verde.  The QV Line aims to provide the Mito all the handling and looks of the QV but with no more potent 170bhp, 1.4-liter petrol engine.

Every Kit includes a 5.0in touchscreen infotainment system incorporating Bluetooth phone connection, USB and aux relations, a leather multi-function steering wheel, ac, hill grip control, and seven airbags.

We would spend the excess on our Distinctive favorite trim, however, which adds 17in alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, cruise control, and a front armrest, without hiking up the cost too much.

QV lineup adds mostly visual extras and stiffer suspension set-ups, which do nothing to get Mike’s ride.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback reliability

The Kit has been around for some time now, which gives us an opportunity to have a good idea of its reliability.  In its course, it performs poorly, coming bottom of the table for small cars in the most recent JD Power satisfaction survey.  The Audi A1 scored average marks at precisely the same table, while the Ford Fiesta scored above average marks.

Alfa Romeo found itself only one up from the base of the manufacturers’ reliability table at the same JD Power satisfaction survey.  This is a disappointing result since there are 26 manufacturers represented in the poll.

Alfa’s warranty lasts for three decades and includes an unlimited mileage policy for its initial two decades, covered by Alfa Romeo itself, and also a third year covered by the traders.  All new Alfas also include a three-year roadside assistance deal, an eight-year anti-perforation warranty, and a three-year paintwork warranty.  This level of cover is typical throughout each the Mito’s major competitors.

Alfa Romeo Mike hatchback safety and security

The Kit has more airbags than most other tiny cars.  Its total of seven places it on a level with the Ford Fiesta, but before most other competitions like the Mini and Audi A1.

Its individual Euro NCAP crash scores are just average, and the Mito scores below average for child protection.  It receives a five-star score, however, like its nearest rivals.

Navigation Button Alfa Romeo Mito
Navigation Button Alfa Romeo Mito

There is little extra safety kit owners will need to include since so much of it is standard.

All Mitos come with an alarm and an immobilizer, and safety company Thatcham Research rated the model as highly as its rivals because of its resistance to being broken into and driven off.

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