Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

What is the used Alfa Romeo Stelvio real estate such as?

Creating a sporty SUV isn’t as daft an idea because it initially seems. Even though the focus of those cars is quite much on practicality and style, with relaxation perhaps taking precedence over handling and performance, signs dating back to the 2003 Porsche Cayenne demonstrates they are a completely viable and rewarding venture.

Alfa Romeo has among the most romantic of motoring badges, also, despite it with a lengthy (and chequered) history of family cars and sports cars, the Stelvio is its very first modern SUV.

It is based on the very same underpinnings as the Giulia, an astonishing executive saloon that rivals cars like the BMW 3 Series. The Stelvio is slightly taller than its principal rival, the Porsche Macan, and also somewhat shorter than the BMW X3. There is loads of aluminum in its entire body and suspension, so keeping it light, and a good deal of tech beneath, in addition to the choice of rear-wheel push the 2.2 diesel using its lower-powered motor, instead of the four-wheel driveway of the rest of the versions in the scope.

Speaking of motors, there is the selection of a 197bhp or 276bhp 2.0-liter gas or a 178bhp or 207bhp 2.2-liter diesel.

So far as cut levels extend, the entry Stelvio version gets lots of kits, such as 17in alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel, and a 6.5in-screen infotainment system, automated emergency braking along with pedestrian detection, cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, a powered tailgate and automatic lights and wipers. Supermodels get part-leather chairs, a selection of inside color options, 18in wheels as well as the choice of Luxury or Sports packs. Business versions benefit sat-nav and xenon headlights, while the range-topping Speciale includes 19in, 10-spoke metal wheels with red brake calipers, xenon headlights, power-folding door mirrors and heated leather chairs in front.

You’d anticipate any Alfa Romeo to become capable on the street, along with the Stelvio is. In reality, such as the Giulia, it is far better than this: it is quite good. The performance with some of these motors is remarkable, while at higher-powered gas and gas forms, it is superbly reactive and punchy. The only point to notice is that two or one of its opponents are a bit faster, such as the Porsche Macan and equal Audi Q5.

Where the Stelvio shines is in its handling. It steers remarkably fast – indeed, it may take motorists a while to get to grips with it as it’s filthy – and manages with a fluidity that is uncommon in the SUV class. It’s a firmer ride than its rivals, and this also assists with body management in quicker or tighter corners; the Stelvio constantly feels secure and stable, while still being a surprisingly great pleasure. The payoff is a journey quality which many will find overly stiff – you feel big bumps and potholes – but body roll and pitch are so well regulated it also entails that this great automobile is not as bothered by abrupt changes of management.

It is rather elegant, also, but once more, two or one of its rivals are quieter. Nevertheless, some individuals may get the excess sound welcome since it supplies an atmosphere of this sportiness Alfa Romeos have always been famous for.

Interior is an excellent and multi-adjustable driving posture, though rear visibility is a bit restricted by the thick columns and the tiny rear display. The dash and its environment are beautifully finished, with athletic touches here and there and also a much better selection of materials that we are utilized to from Alfa Romeo. There’s evidence of some less expensive plastics in a couple of areas, however, so while it is an appealing place to be, it can not quite compete with a number of its premium competitions. The infotainment system, using its full screen, is plausible and straightforward to use, though it’s not quite as simple as the programs in the Q5 and X3.

There is lots of space to get a taller driver and also front-seat passenger to stretch out, but backspace is restricted, particularly for six-footers sitting behind a tall driver, and the sloping roofline adopts head area. In 525 liters, the Stelvio’s boot interrupts the Porsche Macan’s, but it can not quite fit the X3’s. The loading area is a usefully square shape without an inner load lip; it is only a pity there are not more hooks for luggage or eyelets to hold downloads. The conventionally powered tailgate is convenient, however.

The Stelvio scored a full five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test, beating the likes of this Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC for adult protection. It is behind those two competitions for the kid and pedestrian security, though it narrowly defeats the Q5 for security assist systems (for instance, automatic emergency braking and lane departure warnings).

Not merely is it that the Stelvio protective at a wreck, but also, it includes automatic braking with pedestrian detection and lane departure warning as regular.

Ownership Price

What used Alfa Romeo Stelvio estate will I get for my budget?

Employed Stelvios price from approximately £32,000, this to get a 2017 version, gasoline or diesel, in Super trimming, using a minimal mileage plus a complete history, purchased from an independent dealer. Purchase between £33,000 and £36,000 and you will have a collection of 2017 versions of varying prices and with reduced mileage, while £37,000 to £40,000 provides you the selection of almost new cars with either the cut or higher-powered motors, purchased from franchised dealers with, sometimes, delivery mileage only.

Used Alfa Romeo Stelvio 17-present

Just how much does it cost to operate an Alfa Romeo Stelvio estate?

Unsurprisingly, it is the diesel versions which are the most economical. The 2.2 180 is the sole Stelvio you can get with rear-wheel driveway instead of the hard disk drive, and this also asserts an average fuel consumption figure of 60.1mpg, together with corresponding CO2 emissions of 124g/km. The four-wheel-drive variant of this 2.2 180 yields a promised 58.9mpg, as indeed does the 210 option. The gas models all come back a promised 40.4mpg.

All Stelvios will be enrolled following the tax changes of April 2017 came to force and so will be taxed at the level yearly pace. However, beware people whose newest cost was 40,000, since these will bring in an annual luxury car tax surcharge.

Insurance classes vary from 30 to 36, based upon power output. Servicing prices range between £170 and £330 to get an essential service, based on motor power and the mileage of the vehicle, and servicing strategies are offered for used Alfa Romeos, permitting you to pay by direct debit and so plan for your outgoings.

Tips for buyers

What if I Search for in a used Alfa Romeo Stelvio real estate?

The Stelvio is a large car which will probably have been utilized in metropolitan areas, on college runs and grocery excursions, in addition to hammering down motorways. Therefore it is well worth assessing the extremities of their automobile for almost any scuffs and scratches. Visibility can be challenging looking to the back, even though there’s a rear-view camera and also helpful parking detectors. Check also the metal wheels for almost any curb damage as well as the electrical operation of the back tailgate, and also make sure each of the chairs folds and slips as they need to.

We do not yet know how dependable the Stelvio is since it is still entirely new. Alfa Romeos is a mixed bag, with older ones becoming notoriously tricky. However, though Alfa Romeos of recent decades are proven to suffer from persistent electric difficulties, about anything besides starting the vehicle to the sat-nav functioning through the electrical operation of their chairs and the back tailgates neglecting, newer ones have a much better record.

The Stelvio did not feature in our latest reliability poll. However, Alfa Romeo as a new ended a gorgeous 5th from 32 makers, with an excellent general score of 86 percent – that the Giulietta is featuring quite highly in the household class. While the length of the guarantee is a rather standard few years from fresh, it is worth noting that there are no mileage limitations.

Our recommendations

Which utilized Alfa Romeo Stelvio estate if I purchase?

In regular usage, the 2.2 210 petrol has lots of functionality, and its market fits that of the 2.2 180. Therefore it is well worth seeking among them out. So far as trimming goes, we would search for Super since this gives the ideal balance of gear and cost.


What options should I think into some old Alfa Romeo Stelvio real estate?

The Porsche Macan is the smaller sibling of the Cayenne, among the earliest sporting and premium-based SUVs. It provides punchy performance and nearly sports car-like managing. Regrettably, the back room is tight and the boot little.

The Audi Q5 is superbly tasteful and contains a classy and functional interior. Larger-engined versions offer all of the functionality of the Stelvio, but the Q5 does not steer or manage with such athletic prowess.

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